Snow Protection

Contractors should remember that the law requires the use of properly sized snow protection on building roofs. It is in accordance with current regulations that managers and owners of buildings, including single- and multi-family houses, are obliged to take care of the safety of building users and people who may be in the immediate vicinity. The right choice is the basis, at the stage of selecting the appropriate protection first define the building in terms of its location in relation to the snow zone. Refer to the requirements of EN 1991-1- 3. It specifies, among other things The division of the country into snow load zones for building structures. The next stage of selection should include consideration of appropriate ladders, brackets, pipes or stakes. It is imperative to analyze proper snow load transfer without exposing the protection structure to damage. Stoppers, snow piles and snow breakers are used on many roofs. In addition, the individual protection elements are selected according to the type of roofing material – standing seam metal, tile, ceramic tile, cement tile. Source: