Savanna – Modular Flat Tile

Bratex SAVANNA® is the proposal of the first flat modular roof tile. The product is completely new to the metal roofing market – delivering unique styling with a flat undisturbed surface.
Bratex modular metal roofing tile Unlimited warranty Product functionality guaranteed for the foreseeable perpetuity. BRATEX MAX-FLOW® By using the BRATEX MAX-FLOW® solution, the Savanna flat tile has the most efficient retention groove. The maximum groove depth of 5mm realistically ensures tightness, freely draining accumulated water. BRATEX STEP-MONT® Thanks to the BRATEX STEP-MONT® solution, the Savanna roofing tile can be installed with screws without the risk of waving the flat surface. This is due to the short passage just below the embossing, which always lies flat on the patch. BRATEX EASY-DRILL® Factory-prepared recessed mounting points indicate the most optimal screw locations, prevent sheet metal from being scratched by the sharp tip of the drill and bring order to the fastening system. BRATEX COMPENSATION POCKET® The solution of the two-segment compensation pocket means that the sheets of our modular metal roofing tiles do not lose their alignment with the eaves, and the place where the four sheets are joined is invisible. Stacking on “pass” is a thing of the past. BRATEX ANTI-CAP® Unique design of the first embossing, which is 2 mm shorter than the others, with the edge slightly tilted outwards. It ensures that rainwater does not accumulate on the joints of the sheets, that there is no capillary rise, that there is no backflow of drops and that the transverse overlaps are ventilated. For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website at