Roof membrane DACHSTAL 170

A three-layer vapour-permeable roofing membrane. Constructed of two layers of non-woven polypropylene and a functional film that provides high vapor permeability and waterproofing of the product. It can be custom made with two adhesive tapes – SK2. It has the highest tear resistance in its class, which makes it the choice of the most demanding roofers. It has special stabilizing additives that make the product UV resistant for 4 months. With this feature, the roofing installation can be done with a time delay. Pros: Tear resistant Waterproof Vapour-permeable Also for full boarding
Application: It is used as initial roofing on pitched, insulated, ventilated roofs, also with full boarding. It is suitable for use in roof and attic renovation with “inverted technology”. The product does not require a ventilation gap between the membrane and the thermal insulation (mineral wool, glass wool, etc.), which means that the membrane can be in direct contact with the insulation. Installation of the final roofing over the membrane should always be done with battens and counter-battens. It is suitable for use under almost all types of roofing materials, and in particular under ceramic tiles, concrete tiles, metal roofing tiles, aluminum sheets, etc. Specification: Surface weight ca. 170 gsm Color green/anthracite, Vapour-permeability 3000 g/m²/24h Sd coefficient ca. 0,02 m UV resistance 4 months Waterproof W1 Roll size 1.5 m x 50 mb = 75 m² Roll weight ca. 12.75 kg Pallet of 40 rolls