Better Energy Roof Windows

Dakea Better Energy is a new energy efficient roof window with triple glazing and central pivot.

The double-chamber design, compared to standard argon-filled single-chamber packages, provides better insulation, which means less heat loss in winter and limited heat getting inside in summer. Triple-glazed windows are characterized by a better U-value, both of the glass itself and of the window frame, which can reduce heating costs and therefore environmental pollution.

Features to ensure energy efficiency:

– Uw value = 1.1 W/m2K

– Triple glazing/bifold glazing package

Recommended use:

Rooms where better thermal comfort is required, such as living rooms and bedrooms, etc.

DakeaQuick Install (RUC) vapour permeable film collar is supplied free of charge withDakea Better Energy windows. Quick Install flange reduces installation time and ensures proper tightness of the structure.

Dakea Better Energy roof windows can be installed in all roofing materials, in roof pitches from 15 to 90 degrees. Original Dakea flashings are required for proper window installation.